The last few years have been very difficult and challenging times for the island of Puerto Rico, which has had to repeatedly suffer inclement weather and the different attacks of nature – hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, droughts, rationing, etc. Cristalia Premium Water, aware that it is the most beloved water of the Puerto Rican people, has decided to assume a genuine commitment to its people to stay present and provide it to all capacity with its pure flavor and freshness at all times, and even more, in the of greatest need.

This is how the creation and implementation of the innovative social responsibility program ‘Cristalia with you’ arose, aimed at families in social disadvantage and who do not have access to drinking water. No matter where the family is, Cristalia reaches every corner of the Island.

Every one of our collaborators has the option to motivate themselves and fulfill an important role, carrying out two actions:

  1. Identifying people who do not have access to drinking water:
    We seek to help people who do not have access to drinking water, who have a home in
    precarious conditions or are in an extreme economic situation.
  2. Being a leader:
    As a leader, you have the power to help organize and plan every mission that takes place.


  3. We identify the person or family to impact.
  4. We define the need and what we will donate.
  5. We plan the logistics.
  6. we complete the mission!
    We want a healthy and hydrated Puerto Rico, so if you know someone who needs our help,
    please contact us at: or call us at 787-777-9310.

Cristalia counts on you too!