Pac Tech is the bottler of
Cristalia Premium Water

the #1 brand of locally produced bottled water,
a favorite of Puerto Ricans.

Pac Tech International (PTI), is one of the main companies that make up the Packaging Diesco Industries unit, a multi-Latin and diversified group with 3 operational bases located in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Colombia, with participation in 25 Latin American countries and over 1,500 collaborators.

Pac Tech is an agile, dynamic, and versatile company with a defined focus, which drives it every day to effectively fulfill its two main objectives: to offer the best bottled water in all the markets in which it participates and to successfully market products of the other Diesco companies in Puerto Rico.

With a history of more than two decades in the production, distribution and marketing of bottled water, plastic and disposable containers, Pac Tech International has developed strategic relationships with its clients, which has earned the trust of the main local and multinational commercial chains, such as: Costco, Sams’s Club, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Econo, Selectos, Pueblo, among others, and in this way it has managed to become the leading bottled water company in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region.


Su Gente


The purity and taste of Cristalia purified water is the result of the dedicated efforts of a highly trained team of water manufacturing technicians who ensure constant vigilance in treating and testing the source and quality of our product.



Pac Tech uses state-of-the-art equipment for the production of its water. Our equipment has a capacity of over a billion half-liter bottles per year.

Interacción Vertical


Currently, our group is vertically integrated and has the capacity to execute the complete manufacturing process, from the production of preforms and bottle caps, to the filling and packaging of your bottled waters.

Economía Escala


Ability to offer low prices while transferring significant benefits to our customers, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology in our plants, which allows us to achieve economies of scale.



Cristalia contemplates in its development plan technologies that make possible the growth of the brand in a sustainable way, such as investment in innovation in more eco-friendly packaging; manufacture of packaging with a significant reduction in the amount of plastics while using recyclable plastic resins up to 20%.


Because of Pac Tech’s constant dedication to maintaining excellence and quality in each product, delivery and service it offers to its customers, it has earned in numerous occasions, distinguished awards and recognitions.


Sponsors/Collaborators since 2015 (American Cancer Society)


Outstanding Replacement Partner (Sam’s)


Gold Manufacturer of the Year (Walmart)


Featured Supplier 2018 (Econo)


Manufacturer of the Year Nominee (Walmart)


Bronze Manufacturer of the Year (Walmart)